Make The Lawyers Do The Hard Work For You

There is no excuse for a lawyer who drops the ball when he has all the information in front of him. We want to progress your case and we know you want it dealt with quickly but it all starts with the first consultation or call.

Over the coming weeks we will discuss different types of litigation cases and how best to deal with them but lets keep it simple for now. Lets make the Lawyers do the hard work for you.


This is the 21st century so communication could not be easier. You can contact us by telephone, email, social media, Voip, Skype to name but a few. If you are having trouble getting to speak with your lawyer after all that then trust me, it’s not you.

Lawyers have no excuse, we act for our clients and we have to do our utmost to engage with them at all times. Every call, email or meeting counts to moving your case forward so lets ensure they have the most up to date information.

So what can the client do to help us. Its very simple really and it makes no difference what type of case it is whether it is an accident claim, a property purchase, divorce hearing or a contract dispute. Make it easy for us to contact you as we really have no excuse then.

Most of my clients will call or email me so it is very easy for me to stay in touch and I always say that if you change your mobile number or your email, to let me know. The sooner i can contact you the sooner i can advise you and take your instruction. I could write to you and wait days for a response but there is no need and it will help keep the costs down for you too. The easier it is to speak with you the quicker we move the case on.

Do Not Be Worried About Annoying The Lawyer

Clients can sometimes worry of course that if they constantly call or email they are going to be charged more or they will risk annoying the lawyer. Heaven forbid the lawyer gets annoyed. Always remember you are the boss, the lawyer works for you.

Besides all that if it is a litigation case we will be looking for the other side to pay the costs if you are successful and if its a property purchase, or a probate matter we can agree fees in advance. So at Summit Law i can assure you by all means call us or email us, we really do not mind. Besides a lot of the time I might have a query the client needs to answer so you really will be helping me. Every case is different and it is a constantly evolving process so when client and lawyer work together it gives the client the best possible chance of a successful outcome.

Do Not Be Afraid To Question Us

Do not be afraid to question us. You may notice that i keep referring to instructions. The Lawyer will advise the client but ultimately once that advice has been given to the client they will then instruct their lawyer on what to do. It gets back to the main principle that we work for you and once we have given the advice the client will tell the lawyer what to do next. So when you question us we really have to be ready to give you an answer. This of course means it has to be a good one so we have to keep on our toes and ensure we give the best possible advice at all times. So by all means do keep the questions coming.

Get Timelines Nailed Down

Finally ask your lawyer for a timeframe on your case. I will always try and guide the client on how long the process will take whether it is a slip and fall accident or an unfair dismissal employment case. Yes each case is different and they have their own facts but we need to keep a close eye on the timelines as despite the fact that the lawyer maybe be working through a case they do take time and very often the client is left wondering what is going on and while it is a job for a lawyer it is very often a life changing experience for a client so let them know you are making progress and keep in touch with them when they ask for updates.

Further Information

You can call us on 01-5266790, you can email us at and you can even write to us at Summit Law, 3rd Floor Ormond Building, 31-36 Ormond Quay Upper, Dublin 7 but let’s be honest the first two options are way easier.