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We’re here to help you resolve your workplace disputes with sensitivity, discretion and expertise.

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Clarity & Understanding

From our first meeting to when your dispute is resolved, we’ll make sure you fully understand your likelihood of success, how long the case might take and what costs are involved.


We are Ireland’s accessible law firm. When you need us we’re there, by phone, email or in person, we’re here to provide you with competent and personable legal support, on your schedule.


Whether your case involves seven-figure disputes, high-profile discrimination or high-stakes breach of post-termination restrictions, we have the expertise to achieve as favourable a resolution as possible.

Cost Effectiveness

Our fees are clear and transparent from the outset and throughout the entire process. We always endeavour to deliver value for money, working within your budget whether you are a high-paid executive or at entry level.

Employment Law – Employee Services

The expertise and personable approach to resolve your dispute with discretion

We recognise the stress and expense that a workplace dispute can cause you, as well as the disruption it causes in your day-to-day life. We know the toll it can take, and we’re here to help.

As soon as a dispute relating to your employment arises, knowing your options is of utmost importance. Ideally, some issues can be resolved internally and amicably. When this isn’t possible, legal intervention might be necessary to make sure that your rights are not overlooked.

We understand that this can feel like an uncomfortable route to take. Rest assured, our experienced staff represent employees from entry level to senior management. We know your situation requires sensitivity and discretion.

We’ll make sure you understand your rights at all times and advise you on the best course of action with clarity and understanding and represent your best interests when the time comes.

As soon as a dispute relating to your employment arises, knowing your options is of utmost importance.

Employment Law Disputes

Rarely black and white

We can help you throughout at all stages of your employment dispute. Whether you’re still employed, in negotiations or disciplinary procedures or whether you have parted ways and are looking for legal recourse.

We offer a uniquely personable and accessible approach and make a point of ensuring that costs are kept to a minimum. Amongst others, here are some of the areas we can offer you our support in:

  • Unfair or Wrongful Dismissal
  • Discrimination
  • Redundancy
  • Breach of Contract
  • Advice and recommendations on settlements

Employment law disputes are rarely black and white. If you feel aggrieved or think there is an issue to be resolved with your workplace, book an appointment with us today and we’ll advise you on how best to proceed.

We offer a uniquely personable and accessible approach and make a point of ensuring that costs are kept to a minimum.

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